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Comprehensive capabilities to fulfill your retail banking

· Seamless payment processing

· Card management

· Cloud-native architecture

· Deposit & Loan

· Open Banking & PSD2

· Security & compliance

We provide complete bank digitalization solutions in a plug-and-play format

Your Hybrid Banking Technology Platform

Change the way banks release new product features, fast and easy.

​Leading customer experience

​Boost offers state-of-the-art mobile banking applications as well as administrative portals bringing the most user-friendly customer experiences to our clients.

​Account opening & E-KYC

​Support the automation of the account opening process and integrate the KYC process with intelligent biometrics, compliant with EU & country specific regulatory requirements.

​Unified payment & collection

We provide a suite of payment products to support your consumers & merchants for domestic and cross-border payment, transfer, and collections.

​​Service plug-ins

​​Extensive services plug-ins incl., insurance & wealth management, phone recharge, bill payments, and more.

​​Seamless connection

​​Convenient and secure instant touchpoints for your customers to simplify their social life, e.g., IM, direct transfer and bill splitting.

​​Virtual card readiness

Out-of-the-box virtual card issuing & management solutions to support in-store Point-of-Sales.

Customer Centric Experience

Bring the best experiences to your customers, and even more.

​Omnichannel Ads

​Collaborate with Ads agent to cover all mainstream social media to ensure a successful advertising.

​Loyalty programs

​Keep your customers surprised and delighted with seamless loyalty programs.

​Fission marketing

​Acquiring more customers by fission marketing, and enable your merchants to manage their private traffic efficiently.

​Tailored for everyone

​Powered by big data & artificial intelligence technology, campaigns are tailored just for every single customer’s interests.


​Welcome new leads by joining our cross-selling alliance, and run campaigns together with your KA & partners.

​Campaign templates

​Leverage our campaign templates to launch a new event just in minutes, campaign factory is also provided for more complex cases.

Unique Features To Enable Your Growth

Get 10x boost within 12 month, just like driving on the highway.

Scalable And Flexible Growth Strategy

Focus on the value assessment of newcomers

· Lower acquisition cost.
· Increase long-term value.

Strategies from potential to new client

· Compelling marketing solutions.
· Incentive user experience.
· Drive customer engagement.

Centralized channel resources

· Reduce customer acquisition costs.​

· Accurate targeted user profiles.

Continuous optimization

· Reduce customer acquisition costs.​
· Accurate targeted user profiles.

Agile iterations to leverage our validated methodology of growth.

Let’s talk about your new bank! 

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